Farm to Table Food,
Conveniently Delivered to Your Home

•  Steroid Free •  Growth Hormone Free •  Preservative Free •  Chemical Free

For those who want to feed their family the highest quality, best tasting and safest food available. By supporting small local farmers, producers, and growers we conveniently bring the farm to your table. With the middlemen eliminated, healthy eating is affordable and budget friendly.

Specializing in the finest cuts of all-natural beef, chicken, and pork; vine ripened vegetables; North American seafood, and small-batch side items.


  • Small, local farmers, ranchers and culinary artisans

  • Certified Humane, low stress environment

  • Personalized menu planning

  • Free Delivery

Unlike traditional grocery stores,
we never source from factory farms or feed lots.

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White Glove Delivery

If you feel busier than ever, you’ll appreciate our complimentary white glove delivery service. Each time you place an order, your farm fresh food will be delivered to your home in one of our temperature-controlled trucks. Our highly skilled and courteous freezer artists (our term of affection for our delivery team) will meticulously pack and organize your food in your freezer for you. If you need a freezer, one can even be provided for you. You’ll love having a personal grocery store at home, stocked with only the items your family loves.

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All delivery personnel are now following strict CDC guidelines: wearing gloves and masks, practicing social distancing, and following enhanced sanitization protocols to ensure maximum safety. We have also added two additional no-touch delivery options.

Serving These Communities

Currently, we deliver throughout most of the US If you’re just outside of this footprint, please message us. We are growing our service area and may be able to accommodate you.

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Surprisingly Affordable

Rather than an additional food expense, we’ve designed our farm to table service to be a better tasting, more convenient alternative to your current grocery budget. Typically, our service will offset 55% to 70% of what you’re currently spending on food. You’ll find you make fewer trips to the grocery store, and will save money with less frequent need for drive-through, take out, and delivery. Our families tell us that even though our farm-fresh items are higher in quality, we fit in the same range as their current food budget.


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Starting at $75 – $99 /wk

Two adults -or-
two adults with a child

Starting at $85 – $100 / wk

Two adults
with 2 children

Starting at $115 – $127 / wk

Three adults -or-
two adults & two teens

Starting at $125 – $167/wk

Four or more adults

*Each Pre-programmed food order are custom designed for your family, so pricing above may change due to your choice of product mix.

Simply Put: Convenient

We are not a meal kit company that slings a box on your doorstep. At your request, one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist you in planning a customized menu based on what your family likes to eat. You choose only the items and quantities you want, and you never get stuck with something you don’t like.

Our mission is to save you time and make your life easier by affordably bringing the farm to your table. You will no longer have to worry about what’s for dinner, and mealtime can be family time. The way it’s supposed to be.

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Welcome to The Rich Plan

Statisticians tell us that for most families, the single largest item in their budget is food. It is our objective to give our customers as much value as possible from every dollar you must spend by helping you manage your food through better meal planning, packaging and portion control. This is a goal we have had for many years. We further recognize that price is a factor in every purchase, but we want you to know that quality and personal service will always be given top priority at The Rich Plan. A Susie Rich Food Company Inc.