Our Process


From the Beginning: Raising

• All of the animals are vegetarian
• We do not use any animal bi-products or fillers in the feed
• We use no growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics
• We share your passion for non-GMO products


BEEF – Certified All Natural Aged Black Angus
CHICKEN – Free Range Grade “A” All Natural
PORK – Super Select, Fed And Raised Like Beef
SEAFOOD – Sashimi Grade 100% Federally Inspected


Above & Beyond: Processing

We don’t stop at just raising and feeding. Some of the things that separate us from mainstream providers:

  • We grind and process our own meat
  • We hand trim the excess fat and bone
  • No chemicals added for preservation
  • No water or saline added
  • Federal vs. State Inspection

Wouldn’t you rather have access to food processed to higher standards?


Safety & Quality: Packaging

  • Individually vacuum-sealed in biodegradable film
  • We remove the oxygen, eliminating 99.7% of the Aerobic bacteria
  • Locks in freshness
  • Portion controlled for health and convenience
  • No need for preservatives or coloring
  • We eliminate “the sift”

Wouldn’t you rather know that it’s always the best of the best?

What is?
“The Sift”

The Sift is the residue left by our competitors who  may use fine particles, such as corn starch, to lubricate their packaging.


Secret to Freshness: Fresh Freezing

  • Recommended by the USDA
  • 75° below 0°
  • Kills 99.7% of all Anaerobic bacteria
  • Maintains quality
  • Easy to thaw or cook from frozen
  • Packaged just like we do for the finer restaurants in the Southeast

Between our vaccuum sealing and blast freezing, not only do we ensure the best quality, we also eliminate 99.7% of Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria which is where food poisoning exists.

Because of our attention to detail and the extra steps that we take, we have never had a recall – ever.