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A letter of Confidence from our Company CEO.

Rich Plan Home Food Service / A Susie Rich Food Company Inc Food products and Community benefits program is designed specifically to furnish your family with the most complete personalized home food service in America by providing quality foods, specialty products, valuable services , greater convenience , & security for you &  your family.

Statisticians tell us that for most Americans families, the single largest item in their budget is food. It is our objective to help you obtain as much value as possible from every dollar you must spend by helping you manage your food through better meal planning , packaging and portion control. This is a goal we have had for many years. We further recognize that price is a factor in every purchase, but we want you to know that quality & quality & personal service will always be given top priority at Rich Plan Home Food Service.

Nutritionists tell us that properly frozen & properly handled frozen foods best retain all their vitamins & minerals with in the product at The Rich Plan Home Food Service we strive to bring you a product without all the additives & preservatives found in products using other methods of preservation. We know this is a major concern of our customers.

Greg Pomas

CEO, Rich Plan Home Food Service A Susie Rich Food Company Inc.

It All Starts with Raising

•  Natural Environment   •  Vegetarian Diet   •  No Fillers or Byproducts   

Our passion is supporting the small, independent farmer, rancher, and producer so that we may provide you with the highest quality selection of locally sourced products in the southeast.

All livestock is raised in a low stress, natural environment and fed a vegetarian diet free from fillers, animal remnants or byproducts. No growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics of any kind are ever introduced. Vegetables are allowed to fully vine ripen, then immediately flash frozen to lock in their peak taste and nutrition.

It’s simply farming the way nature intended.

  • Source integrity
  • Superior taste and nutrition
  • Broad selection
  • All items guaranteed

Verifying the Source

Unlike traditional grocery stores we have no need to source from factory farms. Traditional grocery chains (even the “healthy” ones), big box stores, and membership clubs must have large supply chains with broad distribution arrangements to get adequate supplies of the products they need. Their inventory requirements are enormous and can only be met by large producer networks.

In contrast, our needs are very small, allowing us to carefully select the items we want. In many cases we can trace the origin of our proteins to the farm, herd, and even to the specific animal itself. Our North American seafood can often be traced to the day the catch was made, as well as the boat and captain that caught it. This gives us complete control over product integrity, ensuring you always receive the best of the best.

Desserts, sides, and prepared items are crafted in small batches by independent culinary artisans who still hand crack their eggs to create a taste that cannot be duplicated on a large, industrial scale.

Farm to Table


Quality is great but if it doesn’t taste good, who wants to eat it? Even if you’ve got a picky eater, you and your family will be able to taste the difference our superior standards make. And wouldn’t you love to see your kids clean their plates and ask for seconds? Please be our guest and experience that for yourself.

Fully Aged Beef

All natural,
Black Angus beef

Super Select Pork

Vegetarian fed,
without by-products

Prepared Gourmet

entrees & sides

Specialty Seafood

Sashimi grade,
sustainably fished

Specialty Meats

Carolina raised bison & elk,
gourmet lamb & veal

Kid Friendly

Favorites & classics
for all ages

Grade A Poultry

Free range,
Certified Humane

All Natural Vegetables

Portion controlled,

Gourmet Desserts

Bakery shop,
premium desserts

Dietary Concerns

If you are on a special diet that requires a specific style of eating, we may be a good fit for you. Below are several of the most popular dietary plans we’re often asked about. We are a superb match  for several more, as well. If you would like to discuss a more specific situation, please message us to speak with one of our highly skilled Wellness Consultants.

Health Benefits

Unwanted additives are often added to grocery store food to extend shelf life, improve appearance, or add weight. Because we eliminate these, you can feel good knowing that you are feeding your family the most healthy, nutritious meals available. For example, because we never add saline solution to our proteins (often added to improve taste and increase weight), unnecessary sodium is avoided. This is especially important if you have a family member with blood pressure sensitivity. If you have a red food dye concern, you can rest easy knowing our food is free from all dyes.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

We insist on providing you with an experience that’s so positive you will happily refer us to your friends and neighbors. You simply must be thrilled with our products and service, as well as your overall experience, or we will make it right. Every item you purchase comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We will gladly replace any item that doesn’t make your heart sing with another item for you. If your experience is ever less than “5 Stars” you can be assured that your concern will be immediately addressed and rectified. Nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction.